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BIO-esthetic Kinesiotaping in Your Clinic™ – Online Course

369,00 / 2 years access
The BIO-esthetic Kinesiotaping in Your Clinic™ videobook is an excellent and complete compendium of knowledge, combined with a detailed practical presentation. From the historical background of kinesiotaping, through definitions, to the most important applications in specific cases, step by step you will gain practical knowledge and skills that will allow you to confidently use this wonderful therapeutic method in your practice. There are many benefits of using kinesio tapes in natural face therapies, aesthetic medicine, dentistry or rehabilitation. BIO-esthetic kinesiotaping can help with face lift, eliminate muscle tension, lymphatic stasis in the face, neck and cleavage and restore proper breathing path. It is an extremely important and highly effective element of biological regeneration, an effective form of aesthetic rehabilitation of face, neck, cleavage and chest tissues. A great method which beautifully complements the rehabilitation or therapy of facial wellness. That is why we are giving this videobook into your hands. Its simple form and thoughtful composition will allow you to quickly and easily get the most important information, basic concepts, and principles of BIO-esthetic kinesiotaping.

Facemodeling Program® PRO (on-line course, 2 modules)

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269,00 / 2 years access

FACEMODELING SELF CARE™ is an innovative program designed by me, in response to the huge interest in a complementary, holistic approach to health and beauty.

I have been touched by the commitment of my followers and their phenomenal results with the first edition of the 'on line Self Tape' course.

Women, are not only gaining a radiant, more rested and visually softer appearance, they are also changing internally. Their self-esteem and confidence are soaring. Their reflection in the mirror shows a friendly smile, and the joy allows them to open up to a new tomorrow.

All this inspired me to create the self care course, which you can consider as a continuation of your skills development or the beginning of your adventure in self-massage and kinesiotaping.