the art of manual therapy

Our body knows how to heal, we just need to restore the balance within. For that transformation to happen we need to work deeply with intention and skillful touch.
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Our Core Values

The Founder of Facemodeling Academy
Aneta Hregorowicz-Gorlo

Cosmetologist, licenced aesthetician, certified nutritionist and naturopath Aneta has always believed that our external beauty is determined by many factors, and only a holistic approach to health and beauty can bring lasting effects.

Her story is the one from self-healing to helping others so assisting women in the discovery of sometimes deeply hidden beauty and inner harmony became her purpose.

Continuous development in search for holistic all-natural methods of working with the body and especially with our face has become her goal.

As a therapist of biological face rejuvenation and in pursuit of her own health for many years she has been developing her own method of Facemodeling Program™ which is a quintessence of knowledge and beauty secrets from all over the world.

For over 10 years Aneta successfully runs Facemodeling Academy in Sopot, where she shares her unconventional methods of manual work. In addition to teaching professionals the manual face rehabilitation skills at Facemodeling Academy we also run workshops on Self-Care massage, Aesthetic Kinesiotaping or Vacuum Therapy which may complement many  wellness programs.

Global Facemodeling Academy

About us
Global Facemodeling Academy (GFA) is an online learning platform specializing in manual holistic face therapy courses. Our Academy offers courses for professionals and courses for home use.
Our Mission
Our mission is to educate professionals on how to transform their businesses and deliver impact for clients through introduction of transformative and skillful manual face rehabilitation program in their portfolio. We honor the body’s natural healing power and aim to inspire everyone to maintain optimal level of health, well-being and beauty through a holistic approach.
Our Vision
Our vision is to bring our innovative, cutting edge Facemodeling Program to every part of the world helping professional therapists create competitive businesses and individuals to gain access to transformative results through manual therapy. We aim to create the highest quality of ongoing learning opportunities for our clients through an on-line learning platform.

Our Personal Use

Online Courses

Our Online Courses

For Professionals

What is the Facemodeling Program™?

The Facemodeling Program™ is a self-developed, all-natural and holistic face rejuvenation method. The success and effectiveness of this method consists of a number of unique techniques, such as: myoplasty, acupressure, fascia release,  aesthetic kinesiotaping or transbuccal massage (applied inside the mouth)

Through the innovative use of these unique techniques, we can achieve a long-lasting effect of biological rejuvenation of a face even in a single treatment session.

Facemodeling Program works on the deepest structures of tissues and muscles, which allows us to achieve those extraordinary results.